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Steroid Cycles Explained – Get Started With Steroids Today

Steroid Cycle Defined

A steroid cycle refers to the schedule of a steroid user during which one consumes the steroid. Some common buy oral steroid cycle UK in the market include Dianabol, Winstrol, or Testosterone Enanthate. Using more than one steroid compound in your body simultaneously is what steroid users call stacking.

For a steroid cycle aimed at beginners, it would be a healthy choice to incorporate no more than two steroids in the period. As a newbie, before stepping into steroid consumption, one must understand the risks associated with it along with the benefits. Steroids are something to deal carefully with, thus consulting a licensed practitioner is also a must.

Injectable and oral steroids

Dianabol, Winstrol, and Anavar are some of the most common examples of orally taken steroids. They are a good starting point before you indulge further with more complex injectable compounds. However, there is one catch. In the case of oral steroids, some can prove to be toxic for the liver. Thus you are somewhat limited to select compounds, doses, and cycles.

This is where injectable steroids win an edge. Injectable steroids are more versatile and have a more profound impact on our body. Once you get familiar with lighter steroids, injectables are the way to go. Injectables do not have any tendency to harm the liver as their path of action is more direct and straightforward.

Steroids that can be used by newcomers:

Testosterone (Enanthate / Cypionate / Propionate): These three words in the braces refer to the ester. The ester is basically used to delay the release of testosterone in your body according to your requirement. Testosterone is extremely useful in achieving muscle gains

Dianabol: Dianabol is the trade name for the Methandienone compound. Dianabol is well known for being extremely rapid-acting and highly potent. For muscle mass development, Dianabol is one of the most viable choices. Although being hepatoxic (harmful for the liver) it can still be run for a limited time after you buy oral steroid cycle UK.

Winstrol: Dianabol and Winstrol perform more or less the same functions. However, few tend to like Winstrol more due to the fact that Winstrol gives more steadier gains and is fairly well tolerated. Users experience a more defined look while on Winstrol because of an absence of water retention from the drug.

For the above-mentioned steroids, here are some sample cycles to give you a better understanding.

Refer to this before you buy oral steroid cycle UK.

Dianabol only – From weeks one to five, consider taking in 30mg-50mg daily. Consult with your physician afterward. If you are someone who really wants to push the limits, go for 80mg per day but beware of certain risks associated.

Winstrol only – These are available in the form of round and pink tablets. From weeks one to five, consume no more than 50mg daily. Show the results to your doctor and await further dosage instructions.