Know the Types of Testosterone Available and Their Uses

Testosterone is a male hormone that enhances the growth of secondary sexual characteristics. It also is responsible for proper muscle growth. The deficiency in the testosterone levels is the reason why many people look to buy testosterone medicines. But it should be carefully noted that testosterone is a hormone and just like any other hormones the purchase of testosterone is controlled legally as overdose or unprescribed consumption can cause negative effects on health.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide about the types of testosterone and how to buy testosterone online. Take some time to go through the pointers before you make a purchase.

Types of Testosterone

Types of testosterone

There are various types of testosterone. Most of them are injectable to the patient. Let us find out what they are:

Testosterone Enanthate- this one is an esterified drug which means the bigger enanthate ester is bonded to the testosterone molecule. This testosterone lasts longer and keeps the blood levels high for the next two to three weeks. Dissolving the hormone in oil slows down the absorption. The hormone is helpful in treating andropause and hypogonadism in males when they are having inadequate levels of testosterone. This injectable testosterone of the 1950s became popular because it needs to be injected every two to three weeks instead of five days.

Testosterone Propionate- Much like testosterone enanthate, the testosterone propionate is esterified. It is also called propionyltestosterone. The synthetic hormone is not effective as an oral medicine. Thus, it is injected directly into the patient body.  It has been an effective way to treat men with low testosterone levels. Dissolved in an oil base it needs to be injected once in a week or as the patient responds to it.

Know the Types of Testosterone

Testosterone Cypionate- This is the similar to testosterone enanthate. It is also dissolved in oil for injection. This testosterone promotes muscle gain and loss of fat in men who have lower levels of testosterone in their body. Although expert advice against using this hormone as an aid to weight loss. The hormone in the body increases the production of red blood cells. It can restore normal sexual performance and libido. Injected once every seven to ten days, this hormone gives a boost to the energy levels in testosterone deficit men.

Aqueous Testosterone Suspension- This is the only testosterone that is not esterized. The advantage is the testosterone here is totally a pure hormone. it is dissolved in water so that it gets absorbed more quickly. Thus, patients respond rapidly to the hormones and gains increased strength. With this hormone, a patient needs to be injected daily.

Advantages of buying testosterone online

Testosterone is available both online and offline. However, if you want to buy testosterone online you should make sure that you have the doctors prescription for it.  Testosterone purchase is allowed only in case one is diagnosed with deficit levels of the hormone. There are certain advantages of getting them online. These are as follows:

  • Wide collection
  • Genuine quality products
  • Detailed information available
  • Faster and doorstep delivery

Testosterone can be classified into different types on the basis of their uses. If you are desiring to buy testosterone online, make sure you are aware of your needs. Moreover, you can make yourself totally satisfied by checking their details from the information available while you are making the purchase.